GoPiGo3 Tutorials & Documentation

GoPiGo3 Tutorials & Documentation

Getting Started

Congratulations on getting a GoPiGo Raspberry Pi Robot Kit! These are instructions for the GoPiGo3. If you have the GoPiGo2, please go here.

This page and the sub-pages will help walk you through getting it set up and started.  We recommend you go through each page, in the following order:

1. Assemble the GoPiGo3  (for accessories see below)

2. Connect to the GoPiGo3

3. Program Your Robot

Do even more with the GoPiGo3

After you have completed all the steps above, you can make something and share it with the community.


Programming the GoPiGo3

After you’ve assembled your GoPiGo3 and powered and connected to it, you’re ready to do some programming! We have 2 different operating systems, one for beginners called DexterOS, and one for advanced users called Raspbian for Robots.

DexterOS for Beginners

DexterOS programming is done entirely on the GoPiGo3, in the browser.  DexterOS teaches programming skills using a Blockly-based programming language, Bloxter.


Bloxter is easy to get started with and fun to use.  Lessons on programming the GoPiGo3 with Bloxter are built right into the software.

To begin learning to program with DexterOS and Bloxter, click “Learn”

Select a lesson to begin with.

Finally, begin your lessons!


Code in Bloxter or Advanced Bloxter by going to Code in the top menu.

You can purchase an SD Card with DexterOS on it here.

Projects & Curriculum

Projects and Curriculum at all different levels are available in our project platform community, Dexter Studio. You can search by different languages, age ranges and even project duration.


Raspbian for Robots for Advanced Users

Python LogoPython Programming for the GoPiGo3

Python, the most widely used programming language in education, is a professional level programming language that is easy to start with.  The GoPiGo3 is ready to be programmed in Python! Check out our Python documentation here.

scratch iconScratch Programming for the GoPiGo3

Scratch is an easy to learn graphical programming language used in schools, coding clubs, and after school robotics and coding programs and camps.  Click here to learn more about using GoPiGo3 with Scratch.

NodeJS for the GoPiGo3

Program the GoPiGo3 in NodeJS programming language.


Advanced Projects

Users on the Advanced operating system, Raspbian for Robots can try out the following projects in Python & Scratch.

Each one comes with building instructions, a bill of material, as well as the code to get it going!


Python Projects

Scratch Projects