GoPiGo interacts with the world in new ways with the newest update of DexterOS 1.1.0!

DexterOS Welcome Screen
We’re excited to announce the updated version of DexterOS — 1.1.0, which enables your GoPiGo to interact with the world in a host of new ways!

Sensors, sensor, sensors!


We’ve added support in Bloxter for more sensors as well as blocks to control up to  2 servos that you can use to rotate those sensors.
The following sensors can be used and programmed with Bloxter and Python in DexterOS 1.1.0:
Loudness sensor (New for 1.1.0)
PIR Motion Sensor (New for 1.1.0)
Line follower (New for 1.1.0)
Infrared sensor (New for 1.1.0)
Grove Temp/Humid Sensor (New for 1.1.0)
Servos (New for 1.1.10) — there are two servo ports on the GPG3.
Play wav files (through a speaker)
Play text (through a speaker)
Take Photos (with the Pi Camera)

Talking Robot

Make your robot speak your mind with our new text to speech feature. All you need is a speaker and some creativity.

See What’s Going On

The new Print Screen allows you to see what’s going on with the robot during your program, and can help you debug your program and make it work as planned. It will print out data and activity from the robot on the screen. Check out the example in the video below.

Mobile Friendly

You’ve always been able to use DexterOS on mobile to drive GoPiGo around, but now you can also open programs and run them through a mobile browser.

Moving Around

Some teachers use the GoPiGo for teaching different subjects, like Math. It’s fun to use a number line with the GoPiGo to teach integers — and now you can use negative numbers in the “drive forward x” blocks in Bloxter. This allows you to see the real action of what it would be to drive forward -2 inches!

Add it to the List

This new release also includes basic list functionalities to keep track of sensor values.

Over the next 10 seconds, take a distance reading every second.
Then print them one by one.

Send us Your Feedback:

We’d love to hear your feedback on the new features, or what you think we should add next! Please hit us up on twitter, in the Forums, or contact us here.


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