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Our Software: Raspbian for Robots

As many of your know, Dexter Industries has built custom software for our robot kits! These robots are all based on the Raspberry Pi, that awesome little credit card sized computer that we’ve turned into a few different robots. Raspberry Pi has software called “Raspbian”, and our version of it is called “Raspbian for Robots”.

Raspbian for Robots has all the software you need built in to connect to your GoPiGo, BrickPi, GrovePi or Arduberry and get you programming in just a few minutes. All you need is an assembled robot and a computer with a web browser – no other downloads. All of the coding programs you need like Scratch and Python are already built-in, ready with sample programs to run, test and start learning.

Make Robots Easy to Program

At Dexter Industries we develop robot kits that make learning about technology more accessible and fun for everyone. We want to build learning tools that you can get working quickly, but not something so simple that it just feels like a game. It’s a hard balance to strike, but we’re getting closer. Our software has been designed to enable quick startup, even for those that are brand new to programming and robotics.



Put together your robot kit, customize it in some way if you’d like, and then power it up.




Connect an ethernet cable, turn on the robot, go to http://dex.local & set up your wifi!




Open sample programs for each robot in Scratch, Python and more.


Raspbian for Robots – for BrickPi, GrovePi & PivotPi.

Program in Scratch, Python, Node.js, C, and more.

Get the software for free!

You can either purchase a pre-configured microSD card from Dexter Industries, or if you are more advanced, you can download and set it up on your own SD card.

Make your own SD card


DexterOS only works with the GoPiGo. Raspbian for Robots works with all of our robots.


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Getting Started

GrovePi Connection

Learn how to setup, get connected, and program the GrovePi.

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GoPiGo Connection

Learn how to setup and program the GoPiGo.

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Existing Users

If you’re already familiar with our robots and software, you may just want to run the update and then change the hostname so all the new features are available.

View Advanced Features

Latest Updates for Raspbian for Robots

We’ll continue to add to this section as we make more updates, but please read this blog post for now.

Other resources:

Having trouble? Check out our support page.

Teachers, Camps, & After School Programs

All of our robots require a computer or device to program and run them. (If you have a HDMI monitor, keyboard & mouse, you can also use that, but we recommend a separate computer).

Raspbain for Robots: If using Raspbian for Robot, you’ll connect the robot to a computer network with an ethernet cable first, then set up wifi.

DexterOS: If using DexterOS on the GoPiGo, you’ll just connect via wifi to the robot’s hotspot.

Each robot will come with the same software, which will all have the same name — when on your network or when broadcasting the hotspot. So, if you are using multiple robot kits in one location (in one classroom or school), you will need to go through a few extra steps to configure your robots so that each one has a unique name on your network. This will help you know which robot you are connected to from each computer!

Raspbian for Robot Step-by-step instructions for setting up multiple robots on one network.