“One of the best robotics kits you can buy, especially for teachers.”

-MagPi, Read the full review here.

Awesome robots kits for everyone.

Dexter kits help you build, learn, and experiment with robotics – from kids, to college students, to hobbyists, and researchers. Dexter kits are designed to help you get started and go further with robotics. Follow along with playful projects and curriculum to make learning fun for everyone.

Equipping educators every step of the way.

Educators all over the world are using Dexter robot kits in the classroom. You can get the most out of your Dexter robots when you visit the DexterEd page for more information and sign up for a free Teacher Trial!

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Recall: Rechargeable Battery Packs

Modular Robotics announces recall of Dexter Industries Rechargeable Battery Packs, sold between March 2018 and February 2020 and compatible with GoPiGo and BrickPi robots. Consumers should stop using the Dexter Industries Rechargeable Battery Packs, contact Modular Robotics for a free replacement battery pack, and then safely dispose of the defective product by following local laws for disposal of the batteries.



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Your questions, answered.

  • What if I don’t know what I’m doing?
  • Don’t worry, there are Dexter kits for beginners, step-by-step instructions, and lots of projects that will help you learn new skills through play!
  • What if I’m an electrical engineer?
  • Don’t worry, there are Dexter kits for experts too!, and it’s open-source so you can tinker with it!
  • I’m an educator, do you sell kits for classrooms?
  • Absolutely. Check out the bundled education kits and Teacher Trial program to try Dexter robots for yourself.
  • Does the kit come with everything I’ll need?
  • Every kit is different, but they’re all designed to help you succeed. Some photos may show customizations done by other builders. If you have any questions about what comes with a kit, just look in the product description or contact us!
  • Can kids build these robots?
  • Age recommendatioons differ based on the product. Generally, If an adult is building with the child, we recommend ages 8+. For solo builds, we recommend ages 12+. If your child is literally a baby genius, then it’s your call!
  • Are these safe to build?
  • Completely! There’s no soldering required, and you can’t be electrocuted by touching a circuit board. Exposed wires connected to a power source will shock anyone, but all wiring included in our kits is 100% insulated, and all kits utilize extremely low voltage. However, these kits are not toys, they are robot teaching tools!


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