Posts tagged with ‘DexterOS’

Posts tagged with ‘DexterOS’

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    Announcing DexterOS 2.5.0!

    We’re happy to announce the first DexterOS update since merging with Modular Robotics. We’re excited because we feel it’s a good one! We’ve addressed a few issues, and expanded some functionalities within Bloxter. Please note that most new features are specific to GoPiGo3. You can download the update file or the full image to get this new version. Direct...

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    Welcome DexterOS 1.3!

    This month we’re welcoming the latest release of DexterOS:  Version 1.3.  This latest version of DexterOS is packed with features asked for by educators in STEM classrooms around the world! Bloxter and Python Side by Side The most anticipated and exciting feature of DexterOS 1.3 is that Bloxter now lets you see your code in the Python programming language...

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    Introducing DexterOS 1.2.0!

    We have just released an update to DexterOS, version 1.2.0! The TLDR We’ve packed even more fun into DexterOS and you can download it here, or download an update package here.  We’ve added many new functions and improvements for Bloxter and Python. Sensors The biggest difference are the updates we’ve made to the sensors you can use in Bloxter. ...

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    Our best educational robot yet, the GoPiGo3 with DexterOS.

    We’ve launched the GoPiGo3 and our new operating system DexterOS, and now it’s being used by schools all over the world! Our goal was to make a robot that was easy to build, set up, and use in a classroom setting. So far, we’re pleased at the response from educators and students, and look forward to hearing from more...

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    GoPiGo interacts with the world in new ways with the newest update of DexterOS 1.1.0!

    We’re excited to announce the updated version of DexterOS — 1.1.0, which enables your GoPiGo to interact with the world in a host of new ways! Sensors, sensor, sensors!      We’ve added support in Bloxter for more sensors as well as blocks to control up to  2 servos that you can use to rotate those sensors. The following...

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    How To Get Started With Robotics In The Classroom

    This is a time of new beginnings, fresh starts, and a whole lot of chaos. by Lisa Rode, 6th Grade Classroom Teacher in Fairfax County, VA When starting a new school year or initiative, how do you add anything more? If you are not familiar with programming and robotics, adding “just one more thing” can be a bit intimidating,...

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