Introducing DexterOS 1.2.0!


We have just released an update to DexterOS, version 1.2.0!


We’ve packed even more fun into DexterOS and you can download it here, or download an update package here.  We’ve added many new functions and improvements for Bloxter and Python.


The biggest difference are the updates we’ve made to the sensors you can use in Bloxter.  We now support the Dexter Industries Temperature, Humidity, and Pressure sensor, the IMU sensor, and the light and color sensor.  We have removed support for discontinued sensors like the Seeed ultrasonic sensor, light sensor, and DHT sensor.  We have updated our servo block for Bloxter, and improved support for the Loudness sensor.


We have made a few major upgrades to Python, and fixed some bugs around the older Python interface.  You can now save your work more easily, and you can now save your work directly to a USB drive.   We’ve also added a number of python packages for education, such as Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, and Scikit-learn.

Behind the Scenes

Users will notice that DexterOS now redirects you to instead of is our online learning area where you can practice the Bloxter programming language and download the programs you write.

A special thanks to our entire community: with your help we’ve been able to chase down a few bugs, and make improvements.  Thank you for your help!  If you find a bug, or have an issue, please drop by our forums and let us know what you see!


We just published a short video guide on how to download and install DexterOS.  You can watch it below!