GoPiGo2 Tutorials & Documentation

GoPiGo2 Tutorials & Documentation

Getting Started

Congratulations on getting a GoPiGo Raspberry Pi Robot Kit! These are instructions for the GoPiGo2. If you have the GoPiGo1, please go here.

This page and the sub-pages will help walk you through getting it set up and started.  We recommend you go through each page, in the following order:

1. Assemble the GoPiGo2 Raspberry Pi Robot Kit. (for accessories see below)

2. Connect your GoPiGo2

3. Set Up Wifi on your GoPiGo2

4. Test your GoPiGo2

5. Update Software for your GoPiGo2

6. Troubleshooting the GoPiGo2

Setting up GoPiGo Software

If you’re using the Raspbian for Robots SD Card, you can skip this step.  If you are using standard Raspbian or any other SD Card, please be sure to setup and install the GoPiGo software and drivers here.


After you have completed all the steps above, you can check out the Example Projects that we have made and try them out yourself or make something cool and share it with the community.

Assembly Instructions for GoPiGo Accessories

Please find the assembly instructions for each accessory in the links below:

GoPiGo Servo Kit

Raspberry Pi Camera & Ultrasonic Sensor

Assembling the GoPiGo Line Follower

Programming the GoPiGo Line Follower


Here are a few cool projects for the GoPiGo that we’ve done in Python & Scratch. Each one comes with building instructions, a bill of material, as well as the code to get it going!

Python Projects

Basic Robot Control

Basic Servo

Browser Streaming Robot

Compass Guided Robot

GPS Guided Robot

Mouse Controlled Robot

Office Cannon

Drive GoPiGo with PS3 Controller

Ultrasonic Basic Obstacle Avoider

Simulate a Worm Brain with GoPiGo

Ultrasonic Servo



Scratch Projects

Basic Scratch Robot

Scratch Control



GoPiGo at Hood College

MagPi Raspberry Pi Magazine –  “Robots Invade our College Classrooms”

June 2015,

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 7.01.48 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 7.02.04 PM




Accessories for the GoPiGo.

Here we have a list of accessories that help you do a lot of cool things with the GoPiGo.  Check out some of the projects here.

Ultrasonic Sensor 

Ultrasonic Sensor


This sensor enables the GoPiGo to know how close or far away it is from an object. Check out how you can use it to run your GoPiGo robot through an obstacle course or maze. Use the Servo Package to help the ultrasonic sensor turn to help you navigate. Assembly instructions here

Servo Package

GoPiGo Servo Assembly for the Raspberry Pi Robots (15)


The Servo Package enables an accessory like an ultrasonic sensor or a camera to rotate. Learn how to install and use the servo here. Assembly instructions found here.

Line Follower

Line follower


The Line Follower attaches to your GoPiGo robot car and enables you to program it to follow a line. Program your GoPiGo to serve a drink across a room, and learn the basics of how automated warehouse or self-driving cars work! Assembly instructions found here.

Raspberry Pi Camera

Attach a Camera or Ultrasonic Sensor to the Raspberry Pi Robot GoPiGo (1)


The Raspberry Pi Camera can be attached to the GoPiGo to give you streaming video on a web browser on any device. Use the Servo Package so the camera can rotate. Assembly instructions here.

Mini Wifi Dongle



Free your GoPiGo with the Mini Wifi Dongle and let it… gooooo! You can control your GoPiGo in lots of cool ways, like with GPS, a PS2 controller, or just a mouse!

Raspberry Pi Power Supply

Raspberry Pi Power Supply


The power supply plugs right into the wall and is really useful when you are developing your program so you don’t waste your batteries.