3. Program the GoPiGo3

3. Program the GoPiGo3

Programming the GoPiGo3

Now that you’ve assembled your GoPiGo3 and powered and connected to it, you’re ready to do some programming!


DexterOS programming is done entirely in a web browser.  You can program in Bloxter and Python. Curriculum and projects using the GoPiGo can be found on our project platform, Dexter Studio.


DexterOS teaches programming skills using a Blockly-based programming language, Bloxter.  You can test drive the Bloxter programming language and program your robot online at DexterOS here.

See more about DexterOS here, how to get it for free, and how to start programming.  

Bloxter is easy to get started with and fun to use.  Free lessons on Bloxter programming for the GoPiGo3 and a host of sensors and accessories are built right into the software.

To access the programming lessons in DexterOS, click “Learn”

Select a lesson to begin with.

Finally, begin your lessons!

The first lesson in each chapter will have a step-by-step tutorial explaining the core concepts you need to understand to grasp the concept in the lesson chapter. It will also walk you through where to plugin your sensors on the GoPiGo!


You can also program your GoPiGo with DexterOS in Python. Go to the top menu “Code” and chose Python in the drop down.

DexterOS does work with the GoPiGo2, but features are more limited.

You can purchase an SD Card with DexterOS on it here.  See more in-depth instructions on getting started with DexterOS here.


Raspbian for Robots

Python LogoPython Programming for the GoPiGo3

Python, the most widely used programming language in education, is a professional level programming language that is easy to start with.  The GoPiGo3 is ready to be programmed in Python!

scratch iconScratch Programming for the GoPiGo3

Scratch is an easy to learn graphical programming language used in schools, coding clubs, and after school robotics and coding programs and camps.  Click here to learn more about using GoPiGo3 with Scratch.

Now Connect With Us!

Now with your GoPiGo3 assembled and programmed, we want to see YOUR inventions and projects.  You can share your project with the GoPiGo3 community here.


Need some help?  Have a question or a suggestion?  Ask on the forums here.