Windows 10, the Raspberry Pi, and the GrovePi

GrovePi+ in case with wires coming out top view stylized

DefaultAppRpi2-300x226Raspberry Pi and Windows 10, we have fantastic news:  the GrovePi now works with Windows 10 IOT.

Thanks to two courageous contributors, Jonathan and Steve and Paul, the GrovePi hardware has been brought to Windows 10.  They did the heavy lifting to get the GrovePi working with the new operating system.

If you’re interested in starting a project, or just peeking at the code, we have a few places to start:

As always, let us know what you build!110060049-3-300x225



  1. robsonj December 27, 2015

    Slightly annoying that the question referenced was mine and the code contributed was mine, but I am not attributed to that at all!

    Just as I was gonna port BrickPi to IoT for you also!


    • Author
      John December 27, 2015

      Hey Jonathan, I am so sorry I didn’t attribute you in the original article. I know you did the heavy lifting, and I’m really sorry it slipped my mind. No slight was meant, I was just in a hurry putting this article together. Please accept my apologies and I’m happy to further modify the post for proper attribution with just about anything you like. We really appreciate your contributions to our code base, and I hope this error doesn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth about it. Sincerely, John Cole (Founder and Chief Messer Upper)

  2. robsonj December 27, 2015

    Not a problem at all John. Thanks for the correction!

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