The New BrickPi3, for LEGO MINDSTORMS


We’re thrilled to announce the release of the best Raspberry Pi robot kit for LEGO MINDSTORMS — BrickPi3. Since its inception, the BrickPi has been a big hit with LEGO MINDSTORMS fans to enable them to do more with their NXT and EV3 motors and sensors. The BrickPi attaches to the Raspberry Pi and together they replace the LEGO MINDSTORM NXT or EV3 Brick.


What’s new about the BrickPi3?

BrickPi3 board standing front

  • We’ve completely redone the way BrickPi3 interacts with everything EV3 — from the sensors to the encoders and motors — giving you a seamless experience for EV3 accessories.
  • There’s a massive improvement in motor feedback speed, enabling reliable and repeatable movement — allowing you to do things like the BalanceBot!
  • Power management has been redesigned so now you’ll have a power switch, and a LED indicator for battery power level so you know to save your program before you run out of juice!
  • You can now connect Grove I2C sensors to the BrickPi3 — for an even more powerful combination of sensor compatibility and capability. This also allows you to connect a PivotPi board, to control even more servos!
  • Now you can upgrade your firmware through a normal software update. It’s as easy and simple as a normal software update through the “DI Update” icon on your desktop.

The price has stayed the same, at $99 for the Base Kit, $179.99 for the Starter Kit, and $889.99 for the Classroom Kit. We also now have a three lesson unit available for BrickPi3, for only $50.

BrickPi3 Base Kit top down BrickPi3 connected EV3 motor BrickPi3 Base Kit Component Pic

If you’ve already purchased a BrickPi+, you can upgrade your acrylic case to a colored version for just $8 bucks now!

BrickPi black case (1) (1)

We look forward to hearing your feedback and comments in our Forum!

For US educators that qualify, we have a free 45-day teacher trial program you can learn more about here.


  1. bnasch February 23, 2017

    Where do people mount the power source? Especially that 8-AA Power Battery Pack. Do I have to build a container for it?

  2. mtstorm April 5, 2017

    great!! Are there more details about the difference between the new and older version of brickpi for migration purposes?

  3. support1 July 27, 2017

    We are glad to announce our BrickPiLib, an object oriented robotics library devoted to the BrickPi3 developed by a teacher team from Switzerland. See for more information.

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