Engineering is Not Boring

Why you should study engineering.

Why you should study engineering.We saw this article in Popular Science and had to share.  Many who follow this blog are interested in engineering; either you teach, you study, or you practice.  The common perception remains:  studying engineering is boring.  However, in Sept. 2011’s issue, Popular Science ranks 25 awesome places to study science and engineering.

Forget stuffy lecture halls and humming fluorescent lights.  Build robots instead!  Or run a nuclear reactor.

The number 1 coolest place to study engineering according to PopSci?  Missouri University of Science and Technology where you can study how to “Blow things up extremely well by imploding buildings and blasting quarry walls in the campus mine.”

Sounds fantastic!  You can also study nuclear reactors, video game design, crash analysis, rocket building, and beer brewing.


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