"E" is for Engineer

“E” is for Engineer . . .

(Found on Adafruit Blog)

The Atlantic Magazine did an inspiring piece about jobs;  an Encyclopedia about what people who do those jobs want others to know about their jobs.  An engineer got “E” and he writes:

E is for Engineer

“I wish children could understand how much fun I have.”

I am an engineer. Most people are scientifically and mathematically illiterate. Consequently, most people cannot fathom how much pleasure and delight I derive from my work. Of course I am also lucky to have a great job with great coworkers. But the pleasure of analyzing, say, the overall efficiency of a combined heat and power facility is hard to describe.

Well, this is partially true. My wife actually gets irritated that I never mind going to work. She does not feel exactly the same about her job.

I also wish children could understand how much fun I have. Because we need more engineers in this country for sure if we hope to remain globally competitive.

We could not have said it better!


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