GoPiGo in Node.js and C


Node.js for the Raspberry Pi robot GoPiGoWhen we originally designed the GoPiGo, we wrote the software in Python.  We did this because it’s an easy language to use and to learn.  One of the major advantages of making open source hardware is that our community can help open up new things for our hardware.  Folks have taken some of our projects and really run with them, making some outlandish and awesome things.

We wrote the GoPiGo libraries in Python because it was what we know.

Node.js is great: its open, it has a huge community, it’s fast, it’s powerful, and it’s easy to learn (especially if you know Javascript).  We’re really happy to have a starting point with Node.js so that folks can learn, build Raspberry Pi robots with it.

gopigoplayingsoccerThe more powerful point here is that our code and our hardware is open source.

This is essential to Dexter Industries: we’re a small team, and we can’t be experts in every language.  There are always smarter folks out there than us in a particular language.  By open-sourcing everything, we can invite others to come play, to build libraries and bring out the real beauty of the Raspberry Pi: an open source platform that invites everyone to play.

GoPiGo is Expanding

nodejs-1280x1024So now, off my soap box, the bottom line is that the GoPiGo libraries are expanding.  While we started off with Python and Scratch, we’ve now got Node.js and we’re hoping a few more languages are being ported as we speak.

GoPiGo in Node.js – You can find the files for this in Github.  A few key contributors have put this together and continue to make improvements.  Grazie (thank you!) Marcello Barile!

Client Server Code – This was developed by our own Karan Nayan, so that it’s easier for other developers to port to whichever language they want.  You can find it on github here.  The idea is that it’s easy to port the GoPiGo libraries to whatever your language might be.

GoPiGo in C – Something we’re working on.  If you’d like to contribute, please let us know!

What do you want to program your robot in?

Contribute some code.  Our GoPiGo controls are all open source.  If you have a language you love, check out our latest python library and port it to the language you want to use on the Raspberry Pi.  Make a pull request, and get credit for bringing our robotics to a new language.  If you don’t know how to develop for the language you want, come find a kindred soul in our forums!

All of our projects have been immensely lucky to have huge community engagement.  The BrickPi project has been ported into 9 languages and counting.  The GrovePi libraries have been translated into four different languages (and counting!).

Our community has been very giving, and we’re incredibly grateful for their contributions, their thoughtful feedback, and constructive participation.  We’re inspired by their passion for making awesome open hardware that helps others learn and make awesome hardware and robotics with the Pi!

Thank you!


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