GoPiGo and Java

GoPiGo with Ultrasonic Sensor attached

Hot of the heels of our NodeJS announcement, GoPiGo is getting yet another language: Java.  The library was added by prolific adder Marcello Barile.  Thank you Marcello!  You can now write Raspberry Pi robot programs in Java!

Get Started

You can find the full Java library for the GoPiGo in Github here.  If you pull or update your GoPiGo fork, the library will magically appear!

Full directions for getting started with a Java Powered Raspberry Pi Robot are here.  You will need to first start by installing the Pi4J Project on your Pi.

Java: Run Anywhere

So why is this announcement important?  Because Java is important!  The language is ubiquitous and can be found in everything from microwaves to airplanes to cell phones (and just about everything else in between).  It’s more than that little update your computer asks you about every time you reboot.

Java has been incredibly popular since the last century.  It was released in 1995, and grew in popularity throughout the ’90’s and the ’00’s.  While created at Sun Microsystems, Java was embraced for everything from small embedded electronics to super-computers.

Thank You!

This is the fourth language library written for the GoPiGo.  We are incredibly grateful to our community for implementing ScratchPythonNodeJS, and now Java for the GoPiGo.  We have no one to thank but our incredible community, so Thank You!

We realize there are many, many more languages out there folks want to use the GoPiGo and Raspberry Pi with.  To facilitate this, Karan has recently designed a socket library.  This library lets you program the GoPiGo in any language that will run on the Raspberry Pi. The client is easily ported to other languages since it’s a basic client example and the python server can be run with python. This allows the GoPiGo to be portable to other languages easily without the need to write a basic library for the low level I2C commands.

If you end up using the socket library, or want some help implementing your own favorite language, reach out to use on the forums.

Are You a Language Expert?

If you’re an expert in a particular language, or even just passionate about it, and you think the GoPiGo should support that language, reach out and let us know.  Either contact us through the forums here, or contact us through our website here.



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