PivotPi Tutorials & Documentation

PivotPi Tutorials & Documentation

Getting Started

Congratulations on getting PivotPi Servo Controller for the Raspberry Pi!  The PivotPi is the servo controller for the Raspberry Pi.

Getting Started

The following will help you get started with PivotPi, Dexter Industries’ robot that gives you control over up to 8 servos.  With a Raspberry Pi and a PivotPi you will be able to drive servos to animate objects, and animate the world!  The PivotPi can be added to all versions of the Raspberry Pi.  

The PivotPit can also be connected with Dexter Industries’ other robots, both the GoPiGo and the GrovePi+ in order to expand the robot’s functions.

These explanations will take you through the necessary steps to get started with PivotPi.  Those steps are so simple they all fit in one single page. We recommend you go through each step, in the following order:

1. A Walk Around the PivotPi

2. PivotPi Installation

3. Powering the PivotPi

4. Installing the PivotPi Servos


Your PivotPi is now ready to use.  Pick your programming language and start your projects!

After you have completed the steps above, you can check out the Example Projects that we have made and try them out yourself or make something cool and share it with the community.



Getting the Code: See how to do it here.

Python Logo1. Python Programming for the PivotPi

scratch icon    2. Scratch Programming for the PivotPi

      3. Other Languages

Other languages will be made available on Github as they become available.



Here are a few projects for the PivotPi that we’ve done in Python & Scratch. Each one comes with building instructions, a bill of material, as well as the code to get it going!

Python Projects

raspberry-pi-servo-controlled-gingerbread-manBuild a Gingerbread Robot

animated-elf-on-a-shelf Animated Elf on a Shelf

flag-waiver-pivotpi-servo-controller-for-raspberry-piFlag Waiver


Scratch Projects





Accessories for the PivotPi.

Here we have a list of accessories that help you do a lot of cool things with the GoPiGo.  Check out some of the projects here.

PivotPi Base Kit


PivotPi Base Kit – $39.99

Big Servo Pack


Two Large Servos for $14.99

Little Servo Pack

LItte Servo for the Raspberry PI

Pack of 4 small servos for $14.99


Raspberry Pi Camera

Attach a Camera or Ultrasonic Sensor to the Raspberry Pi Robot GoPiGo (1)


The Raspberry Pi Camera can be attached to the GoPiGo to give you streaming video on a web browser on any device. Use the Servo Package so the camera can rotate. Assembly instructions here.

Mini Wifi Dongle



Free your GoPiGo with the Mini Wifi Dongle and let it… gooooo! You can control your GoPiGo in lots of cool ways, like with GPS, a PS2 controller, or just a mouse!

Raspberry Pi Power Supply

Raspberry Pi Power Supply


The power supply plugs right into the wall and is really useful when you are developing your program so you don’t waste your batteries.