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  • GoBox USA – Robot Subscription

    GoBox is an awesome way to learn how to code with a robot! It comes with a full GoPiGo robot car kit (using the Raspberry Pi) plus a new mission (and a total of 9 robot sensors) mailed to your door every month, for a year! Only ships to USA. International customers check out GoBox International. Check out the “Missions Only” product if you already have the GoPiGo robot.

    $15.99 on the 15th of each month for 11 months and a $179.99 sign-up fee
  • GoBox Mission Only – Robot Subscription

    GoBox Mission Only product is for people that already have the GoPiGo robot. GoBox Missions include access to the online instructions, and every month you’ll get a GoBox Mission package with a new sensor and other supplies to help you accomplish your mission. Only ships to USA. International customers check out GoBox International. Check out the GoBox USA product if you don’t already have the GoPiGo robot.

    $19.99 on the 15th of each month for 9 months and a $19.99 sign-up fee
  • Mars Rover Unit for GoPiGo (Single Classroom License)

    Make learning about space exploration a fun, hands-on robotics project with our Mars Rover Unit for the GoPiGo. The GoPiGo is a robot car that you build and code. The students will design and build a rover to explore and gather data about a newly discovered planet. No prior experience required. View Example Mission here.

  • GoPiGo3 BalanceBot Extension Kit

    The BalanceBot Extension Kit takes your GoPiGo3 and turns it into an upright balancing robot! Kit includes an IMU Sensor, IR Receiver, IR Remote Control and a set of 3 Sensor Mounts.

  • GoBoxEd Classroom Kit (5 Kits – 10 Students)

    The GoBoxEd Classroom Kit comes with 5 full GoPiGo robot car kits, 5 sets of GoBoxEd sensors (9 different ones) and 12 online missions to accomplish with your robot! If you already have the GoPiGo, select the “Mission Only” option.

  • IMU Sensor

    The IMU Sensor attaches to the GrovePi, GoPiGo and BrickPi to detect motion, orientation, and position of your robot. It has a compass, accelerometer, and gyroscope and is used to build a BalanceBot!

  • Light & Color Sensor

    The Light & Color Sensor attaches to the GrovePi, GoPiGo and BrickPi to measure light levels and detect different colors. It can be used to build projects like a Rubik’s Cube solver, weather station, or plant monitoring station.


  • Temperature, Humidity & Pressure Sensor

    The Temperature Humidity and Pressure Sensor attaches to the GrovePi, GoPiGo and BrickPi to measure environmental conditions. It can be used to build projects like a classroom weather station or plant monitoring station.


  • Dexter Industries Distance Sensor for Raspberry Pi Robots

    Distance Sensor

    Distance Sensor for the GoPiGo.  The distance sensor can be mounted to the GoPiGo Raspberry Pi robot using the servo package to enable rotation.  It detects distances from obstacles and objects, giving your robot the ability to navigate.

    This package includes the cable for connecting the Distance Sensor to the GoPiGo.

  • Reptiles: Cold-Blooded Robots

    Turn the GoPiGo into a cold-blooded animal and program it to move into the shade when it gets to hot, or move into the sun when it gets too cold. The students will choose an animal, attach a temperature & humidity sensor, and program it to act like a cold-blooded animal.

  • Raspbian for Robots Micro SD Card for the Raspberry Pi (2)

    Blank SD Card

    This 8GB microSD Card comes with the no software. You will need to download and install the Raspbian for Robots software for our BrickPi, GrovePi or PivotPi robots. We recommend buying our USB drive for doing updates and storing photos taken with the Pi camera.

  • Multiplication with LEDs Robot Lesson

    This a fun hands on math lesson where students apply their knowledge of multiplication facts to coding.

  • Raspberry Pi 3

    The Raspberry Pi 3 is the newest version of a tiny, yet powerful single board computer that can be used in robotics, science experiments, electronic projects, games, and much more! Many of our Dexter Industries robot kits are designed to use the Raspberry Pi, including the GoPiGo, BrickPiGrovePi, and Arduberry. The Raspberry Pi was developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation in the UK.

  • GrovePi Invention Curriculum

    The GrovePi Invention curriculum is a series of 19 (1-4 hour each) step-by-step, self-paced lessons, complete with student worksheets and assessments. The objective is for each student to invent a device to control something in the real world — and the course prepares and inspires them with lessons on how to code in Scratch each of the 12 sensors that come in the kit.

  • GrovePi Case

    This 2-sided acrylic case protects and supports the GrovePi and Raspberry Pi from bumps and drops.  The open design keeps sensors and connections accessible and protected.  The acrylic is held together with steel posts and screws, giving the GrovePi solid protection.

    Fits all versions of the Raspberry Pi.

  • GoBoxEd Club Kit (10 Kits – 40 Students)

    The GoBoxEd Club Kit comes with 10 full GoPiGo robot car kits, 10 sets of GoBoxEd sensors (9 different ones) and digital access to our 12 Missions, which are projects to accomplish with the robot!

  • Weather Station Robot Unit

    Teach weather concepts, alongside math, science and coding by having students build and program a weather station to track and analyze atmospheric data.

  • Learning Java Robot Unit

    Learn Java in a fun and engaging way with robots and sensors! This unit consists of three lessons to progressively teach Java while building fun projects with GrovePi, Raspberry Pi & sensors.  It requires no prior programming knowledge and was designed for AP Computer Science A prep.

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    GoBox International – Robot Subscription

    The GoBox subscription comes with a full GoPiGo robot car kit plus a year’s worth of new missions (and a total of 9 robot sensors) mailed quarterly! GoBox International ships everywhere outside the USA! USA customers check out GoBox USA. “Missions Only” option is available for those that already have the GoPiGo!

    From: $47.97 every 3 months for 9 months and a $15.99 sign-up fee
  • Plant Monitoring Station Robot Unit

    Teach life science concepts alongside math, data collection and coding with the Plant Monitoring Unit, which is a long term investigation project for 4th & 5th graders.

  • Morse Code Robot Lesson (GrovePi)

    Students program a GrovePi relay a secret message using Morse Code.

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    GPIO 40 Pin Header

    This GPIO 40 Pin Header connects to the Raspberry Pi Zero (not sold here) and enables you to attach any Dexter Industries board to it, including our GrovePi Zero, which is the same size as the Raspberry Pi Zero. NOTE: This needs to be soldered onto the Raspberry Pi Zero board.

    $1.99 $1.00
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    OTG Cable for Raspberry Pi Zero

    OTG Cable is needed for the GrovePi Zero setup.

    $1.99 $1.00