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  • dLight

    dLight for LEGO MINDSTORMS Give your NXT a bright future with the dLight. The dLight is a bright LED that can be controlled by your NXT. A dLight is capable of producing millions of different colors that can be continuously on or blink in various patterns. Up to four dLights can be daisy chained on a single sensor port...

  • Thermal Infrared Sensor for LEGO Mindstorms.

    Thermal Infrared (TIR)

    Introduction The Dexter Industries Thermal Infrared Sensor reads surface temperatures of objects.  It is a non-contact thermometer based on the MLX90614.  Detecting the infrared radiation from an object, the sensor can read object temperatures between -90°F and 700°F (-70°C and +380°C).  The sensor has a high accuracy of 0.5°C and a resolution of 0.02°C. The Thermal Infrared Sensor reads...

  • dGPS

    GPS – The Dexter Industries GPS is a GPS unit manufactured for use with the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT. The sensor calculates positional and navigational data. It then delivers latitude, longitude, time, velocity, angle of travel, and navigational information such as distance and angle to a specified destination.   Getting Started Hardware: Connect the GPS unit to the NXT using...

  • dFlex

    dFlex – The dFlex is an analogue sensor that measures bending.  dFlex flexible sensor measure angular displacement, or bend, of the sensor.  The sensor bends and flexes with mechanical motion, sending a varying analogue signal back to the NXT. The dFlex can be mounted using Technic bricks, mechanical methods, Velcro, or 3M medical tape. Hardware: The basic dFlex kit...