Arduino Shield

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  • Playstation Controller

    Overview The Dexter Industries Playstation Dual Shock Controller Shield is a project we’ve developed to interface the PlayStation 2 style controller to the Arduino.  The shield allows you to connect any Playstation 2 device to the Arduino. The best place to start for hardware is Bill Porter’s Playstation 2 Device Page.  This page gives a great overview of what’s...

  • GPS Shield

    The Arduino GPS Shield The Dexter Industries Arduino GPS Shield can be purchased here.  Easily add navigation to your Arduino projects with Dexter Industries Arduino GPS Shield!  Dexter Industries GPS Shield for Arduino slides over the Arduino UNO, Leonardo, and Mega and many newer models of Arduino. The Arduino shield provides serial data to the Arduino.  Slide it on and go outside! Get Started Download...

  • WIFI Shield

    WIFI Shield for Arduino Dexter Industries WIFI Shield for Arduino Dexter Industries WIFI Shield for the Arduino has been tested to work with the Uno , Mega, and Leonardo. The shield communicates with the Arduino over serial lines. The WIFI shield is powered by the Gainspan GS1011 Module. We have developed an extensive library with examples serving web pages, creating...