Projects 2

Example Projects for the BrickPi include example programs in Python, as well as building instructions.

SimpleBot: The Easiest Robot to Build!

Dexter Industries SimpleBot for Raspberry Pi

“APL Picker” Robotic Arm

Raspberry Pi Robot holding a tennis ball

“JJ” Model WIFI Car

BrickPi robot.

“Rigraptor” Model Tank

The BrickPi as a Tank


“SriShooter” Turret Shooter

Raspberry Pi Robot Shooter


Twitter Weather Station



ThingSpeak Temperature with Raspberry Pi

Thingspeak - Step 1 - Highlighted








Rolly Robot: A Rolling Alarm Clock

Rolly Robot

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  1. Reply Mike McFarlane Nov 2,2013 8:02 am

    Loving these, the BrickPi is such an inspired idea.

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