GrovePi for Raspberry Pi and Grove Sensors

Plug-n-play sensors have never been easier.

GrovePi is an electronics board that you can connect to hundreds of different sensors, so you can program them to monitor, control, and automate devices in your life.

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Raspberry Pi

GrovePi is built on the Raspberry Pi, a powerful little computer you can now use to control sensors.

What is Raspberry Pi?




Over 100 Grove sensors, so you can focus on programming instead of soldering.

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Internet of Things

GrovePi helps you connect, monitor, & control all the stuff in your life.

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GrovePi Kits



Base Kit

Starter Kit

Classroom Kit

The GrovePi Board view from Above.



Use this board with the Raspberry Pi and connect up to 15 Grove sensors.


GrovePi Base Kit



Perfect if you already have the Raspberry Pi because it comes with the GrovePi board and 12 sensors!


GrovePi+ Starter Kit



Starting from scratch? This kit has all the Raspberry Pi essentials you need plus the GrovePi Base Kit with 12 sensors to start building your own smart devices.


GrovePi+ Classroom Kit



Pack of five (5) Starter Kits & plastic storage container to keep your GrovePi parts protected & organized.


Data Visualization

Turn the data collected through your GrovePi smart device into charts, dashboards, notifications and even emojis with the Initial State platform.

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GrovePi for Raspberry Pi and Grove Sensors

Designed for creativity.

The GrovePi makes it easy to build sensors into the stuff in your life. With over 100 sensors available, you can build just about anything you can dream up! GrovePi is great for learning the basics, like getting an LED to blink, or for more advanced home automation projects like detecting leaks under your sink or feeding your cats while you’re on vacation!

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GrovePi Weather Station.

“My 5th grade students are learning how technology measures the weather through this GrovePi Weather Station project. This is a wonderful way for students to experience technology by building, coding, and gathering data.”

-Frances Hickey, Citrus Park Elementary

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GrovePi in education.

“It’s good for schools who want to teach how programs affect the real world but don’t want to get bogged down in electronics.”

-Tony Smith, TechTonic

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GrovePi Projects

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Visit our GrovePi Product Support & Documentation page for step-by-step tutorials, technical specs, detailed product pictures, and sample code libraries. Got a particularly specific question? Check the Dexter forums.