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 Use the GrovePi to build a home weather station, light or buzz alerts, or video monitoring system


There are more than 1.6 million Raspberry Pi’s in the wild.  People are using it for all sort of wonderful stuff: from web monitored coffee pots to Bitcoin mining rigs to cluster computing. The Raspberry Pi’s are powerful and pack a lot of punch for a $35 credit card sized computer.  People are building projects beyond our wildest imagination.

We believe that code is powerful. We also believe that combining the power of code with the ability to easily use electronic sensors and devices could be revolutionary.

The challenge for anyone starting out with an embedded system, whether a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino or anything, is usually that the majority of the people are scared of electronics.  Bringing ideas to life in an electronics project requires soldering electronics, debugging circuits and hoping that it somehow works.

We believe that the electronics should also be like code. The way you can simply import a library and use it in your code; sensors should be the same and people should spend more of there time building cool things rather than trying to get the electronics working.

With this idea in mind, we have created the GrovePi, making it an easy way to hack together circuits, sensors, linux computing, the web, and just about anything else you can think of.

What is Grove Pi

A while back we found that the engineers at Seeedstudio had an awesome modular platform for the Arduino called Grove.   Grove is an easy to use collection of more than 100 plug and play modules that work out of the box with the Arduino platform. Imagine the power that people can get if they have a way to access more than 100’s of sensors directly from the Raspberry Pi. GrovePi is all about integrating Grove modules with the performance and ease of the Raspberry Pi.

Checkout our Github page for the source code, designs, upadates and documentation.

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  1. Jean-Marie Jan 3,2014 2:25 pm


    great news, and what for GrovePI as sensor for the BrickPi ? Is is possible to have the two board ?

    Thanks a lot for the fantastic work

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