Lego Streetview Project

Lego Street View Car on the Street

Lego Streetview Car

Mark Crosbie has started an epic project: a Lego version of Google’s Streetview Car.  Google is using bikes, trikes, cars, and more to map the entire world out digitally.  We’re hoping that Mark’s project eventually makes it’s way to Google as well.

The project may eventually be mapping out streets near you!  The car uses a number of sensors, including the Dexter Industries dGPS sensor and NXTBee Radios, as well as a few from Mindsensors, to map out and photograph areas it travels over.

And of course some awesome videos!

So far it’s in beta-mode, but Mark has been working over-time to get it ready for an upcoming Lego event.

You can follow Mark’s progress on Facebook.  Drop by and appreciate his work!

UPDATED:  You can now follow Mark’s progress on his official website for the Lego Street View Car!


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