BrickPi Projects From the Forums

This week we wanted to share a few projects that have already started coming out, using the BrickPi.  These three projects were shared on our forums.

Did we miss yours?  Let us know about your project in the forums and we’ll add it in!

Alpha “pi” Rex – The first humanoid project we’ve seen!


Shellby 2 – By Tim Pelling, and son, this robot was named after a tortoise by Tim’s son.  The robot navigates autonomously using the the ultrasonic sensor to avoid obstacles, and has an HTTP server that allows it be controlled via the web.

Auto_Tank – By StevenL89 – Steven took the LEGO Rigraptor Tank model, and modified it with an Ultrasonic sensor, a DI dGPS, and a Raspberry Pi Camera.

The code allows the tank to autonomously travel around a room and detect obstacles with the US sensor. When an object is detected, the tank backs up and turns and then proceeds forward again. Every 60 seconds, the Tank tweets its current GPS coordinates. The Pi camera streams live video  which can be viewed via the web.

The project was fun to do with my 11 year old son, although he was more interested in building the Tank than coding!

. . .  Hope folks find this fun and useful. Obviously feel free to modify and then share any mods back.

Steven’s full code is up on his post here.



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