Controlling an NXT from Half Way Around the World

Wifi Controlled Lego Mindstorm NXTToday the I’d Rather Be Building Robots Blog took the Mindstorms NXT robotic system on a very, very awesome leap forward. This project uses the Dexter Industries Wifi Sensor to control the NXT . . . from anywhere in the world.

That’s right.  Anywhere in the world.

While he keeps the project online, you can log onto the I’d Rather Be Building Robots live stream and follow the directions at the top of the screen.  The project provides a short URL you type in, and add a number for the motor speed after (-100 to 100).  You can then watch the direction and speed of the motor on the webcast, in the Netherlands, change according to your bidding.  For an added cool effect, a light sensor attached changes color as well.

An absolutely amazing proof-of-concept project with infinite potential!  Below are some pictures of of the motor changing direction.  We in the USA got online, and watched as we made a motor and some light sensors change direction and color halfway around the world.

The code for the simple wifi web-server is published on Xander’s blog; we hope to see more stuff out there soon!

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  1. Paul May 16, 2011

    Well done John!!! BRAVO!

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