NXTBee USB Giveaway

The NXTBee - now with a lookup table.

A few weeks back we announced a new product, the NXTBee USB adapter.  The adapter connects your NXT NXTBee’s to a computer.

Now, we’re going to give one away . . .

This week we’re giving away a NXTBee USB and a NXTBee radio.  We’re doing it through The Dexter Industries Facebook page.

So how can you win the $120 of hardware next week?

  1. Check out our NXTBee Album on Facebook here.
  2. Give our post or a picture in the album  a thumbs up (“Like” it . . . ), OR (even better) write a quick comment on the picture.

And that’s it.  Do it and you too could be tethering your LEGO MINDSTORMS robots to a computer!

On Wednesday, October 17th, we’ll announce the random winner from those that have given a thumbs up.  We will get in touch with you through Facebook, and ship it to you anywhere in the world.

Two basic rules: you can’t be a Dexter Industries Employee to win and you can’t win if you’ve won one of our contests before.


  1. Kamran Siddiqi October 11, 2012

    Can we write a comment on your Twitter instead. I would like to win a NXT Bee and review it on my site.

    • Dexter Industries October 12, 2012

      Kamran, we will have a twitter contest soon!

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