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botbench for RobotCXander does some really fantastic work.  We have him to thank for the fantastic integration that Dexter Industries sensors enjoy in the RobotC environment.  He’s also been a fantastic mentor for the past few years, teaching us to make better sensors and teaching us a lot about LEGO MINDSTORMS, RobotC, and programming.

Xander charges nothing for this, to us or to all of you who use it.  It costs money to run a website like Xander’s, and it costs money to support a LEGO habit like Xander’s.  Today Botbench announced a Paypal Donate button and we’d like to announce it and encourage people who use his drivers to donate.

Support Botbench!

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  1. Thank you John for the shout-out! It’s always been a lot of fun to get to play with the new things you’re working on. Don’t ever stop innovating and making super cool stuff!

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