Introducing the NXTChuck

NXTChuck Wii Adapter for LEGO MINDSTORMS

Introducing the NXTChuck, our latest sensor for the LEGO MINDSTORMS system.  This sensor is an adapter for Nintendo’s Wii Nunchuck.  The adapter allows you to control your robot with the Nunchuck.  It also allows you to read the motion sensor data from the controller. The Wii Nunchuck is a really nifty controller.  Relatively inexpensive, it comes packed with a lot of controls: a joystick, two trigger buttons, and a 3-D motion sensor (three axis accelerometer).  All of these features are accessible with the NXTChuck.

This sensor is a new experiment, in another sense, for Dexter Industries.  The sensor design and programming are a collaboration with Matt Richardson, who runs his own blog.

Matt, a really smart young engineer, came up with the design and worked with us to bring it to you.  He has been playing with Mindstorms since ’06, and has been building custom sensors and interfaces all along.

We are selling the NXTChuck from our online store now, as well as Nintendo’s Nunchuck controller.  We can’t wait to see what you make with it!


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