New Partnership, EU Customers Better Served

Today we would like to announce a new development in our partnership with Generation Robots.  In an effort to better serve our European customers, starting today, Generation Robots has become the exclusive distributor of Dexter Industries products inside the EU Economic Zone.

For the past two years, we have had an extraordinary partnership with Generation Robots.  They supported our efforts to develop and bring to you new sensors from the start.  Together, we’ve grown quite a bit the past few years.

One of the greatest challenges in running an international business is shipping.  Frequently, packages to our EU customers are lost, held up in customs, and mysteriously disappear.  Our new partnership with Generation Robots will help alleviate that problem by shortening shipping times and alleviating customs issues.

Another challenge we constantly face selling into the EU is a language barrier.  Generation Robots is expanding language support and technical support for the Continent, making our sensors more accessible to those that need support in their native language.

Generation Robots will now handle and expand our Amazon listings in the EU as well, ensuring better support, faster delivery, and assured delivery!

Finally, we have been collaborating on a few projects with Generation Robots and HumaRobotics and will begin carrying some of there sensors very soon.  This will be a great opportunity for North American customers as well!  Look for more news on this soon.

For more information, please see the press release about this here.

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