RS-485 in NXT-G

RS485 NXT-G Block

RS485 NXT-G Block brings high speed communications to NXT-G.

Ever wanted to use that High Speed line behind Port 4 for something, but it wasn’t suported in

NXT-G or Labview? Well, now you can.

Andrew Milluzi cracked the code yesterday and sent us an NXT-G block for doing this. This was a Herculean engineering task and all hats at Dexter Industries are off to Andrew and Mr. John Hansen for making this happen.

This is a massive step forward for NXT-G!

This block opens up the NXTBee for use with NXT-G, bringing high speed communications to the NXT-G environment.  Now you can build projects like the RC Car and Arduino Car with NXT-G!

Another use will be a Wifi sensor for the Mindstorm NXT that we’re working on!


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