New Code for the NXTBee in RobotC

We just posted some new RobotC code for the NXTBee in RobotC.  These new programs make it easier and faster to get started with the NXTBee.

First, the folks over at RobotC have developed a quick set of programs that get your NXTBees going without a lot of work.  It’s a great example package and as a bonus, they’ve thrown in a quick user-manual for common RobotC functions that are used to communicate with the NXTBee.

Xander made some really awesome, user-friendly improvements to the configuration of the NXTBee.  This code does a lot of great things, but in particular it lets you:

Configure a fresh, brand new XBee or XBee PRO radio for anyone who wants to just purchase a NXTBee Naked and want to use their own radio.

  • Reset your NXTBee.  If you did something fun and interesting with the firmware and can’t figure out how to get it back to a working situation, this will do that for you.
  • Test your baud rate.  This will scan for common baud rates and tell you what speed your NXTBee is operating at.
  • Reset your baud rate.  Right there on the NXT.  No need to reprogram it, this program allows you to change it with the buttons on the NXT.

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