GoPiGo in Python Tutorials


robotics_with_raspberry_pi_gopigoWe are really proud of our Python Programming language examples for the GoPiGo.  These are all up on Github.  If you’re familiar with Python, these will be easy to start with and follow.

A New Guided Tutorial has recently done an extensive set of tutorials on how to program the GoPiGo in Python.  The author walks you through setting up the GoPiGo, mounting a USB cannon, and even using OpenCV and the Raspberry Pi Camera to find human faces.

These tutorials are all backed up with a fun and thorough Youtube series here. 

Written Tutorials and Code

The different written python tutorials for the GoPiGo are listed below.  These include further code examples and correspond to the different Youtube videos above.

Using the GoPiGo and Python Tutorials


Courtesy of

These are very well written and thought out tutorials.  They are a lot of fun to watch, even if you’ve worked with Python and the GoPiGo before. offers almost a thousand completely free tutorials on a variety of topics.

Even if you’re not working with the GoPiGo, we highly recommend you head over to the site and check it out!

Happy coding!


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