New Projects for Your Raspberry Pi

Agent KK

This week we’re bringing you three new projects with the Raspberry Pi!

Last month we added two new projects for your Raspberry Pi.  We wanted to highlight them on our blog, and highlight some work done with the GrovePi and the Internet of Things.

Get GoPiGo to guard your door

Get GoPiGo to guard your door


Guardians of the Wardrobe 

Are siblings going through your closet?  What you need is to call on the Guardian of the Wardrobe!

Build and program this little GoPiGo to protect your wardrobe, your closet, or even your whole room! Hide GoPiGo behind a closed door and when the door is opened, it will attack your siblings, scaring them, and even taking a picture as trespassing proof!

Head on over to the project and check out the code and project directions.

Protect Your Girl Scout Cookies with a Raspberry Pi

It’s Girl Scout Cookie season!  Feel like your stash is under threat?  

This project combines Initial State Internet of Things Software and the GrovePi to build our a layered security system around your cookie stash using a Raspberry Pi, a couple of sensors, and Initial State cloud service. You will receive a SMS alert the instant someone is near your cookies and the instant someone touches your cookies.


Rain Notifier in Action

Let your GrovePi+ warn you in the morning if there’s rain in the forecast

Rain Notifier

Feel like you never get a heads up on a rainy day before you leave for school or work?

Use GrovePi to build a rain notifier.  The project alerts you with a red glowing LED if you need to remember your umbrella because it the forecast calls for rain, or a blue LED will glow if it’s going to be blue skies (well, maybe still cloudy, but no rain in the forecast). You won’t have to check your phone or watch — just look at the light on your way out the door!

This is a great addition to our growing list of GrovePi projects.  You can see the rest here.

Have a project for us?  Contact us and let us know!


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