New Book: Creating LEGO NXT Robots with JAVA


Java for LEGO MindstormsWe just received a new book from Brian Bagnall: Intelligence Unleashed.  I, John, personally, have been eagerly awaiting the book because I’ve been wanting an excuse to learn the JAVA programming language for a long time.

IEEE Spectrum: Top Programming Languages

JAVA is one of the most widely used languages, and yet I haven’t learned it.  Many, many years ago I started with BASIC.  Since then, for various projects I’ve had to dabble in everything from C, C++, Labview, NXT-G, and various forms of each language.  JAVA however has never been on that list.

One of the things that’s so cool about JAVA is that it can run on virtually any machine, anywhere.  If you want to write something that lots of people will use, JAVA seems like the way to go.

Shamefully, our sensor list lacks a lot of JAVA support.  This has been our own shortcoming.  We have support for many of our sensors, but only thanks to a few awesome volunteers who have helped us get up to speed (like Brian).

No more, we have this wonderful book and will begin to chase this white whale called JAVA!

The book is available on Amazon for a steal ($19.67 USD).


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