GrovePi Tutorials & Documentation

GrovePi Tutorials & Documentation

Getting Started

If you are just starting with the GrovePi, you should follow the Quick Start Guide to get your GrovePi up and running. Here’s a little video if you’d like to see the full walk thru, step by step.

1. Quick Start Guide

2. Set up the Software

3. Update the Firmware

4. Compatibility with Raspberry B+ & 2

5. GrovePi Starter Kit

6. Download the PDF version here.



If you are using the Dexter Industries Rapbian for Image or have already have set up the software, you can view all the examples and projects available for the GrovePi in various programming languages.

If you have not set up the software for the GrovePi, follow the Getting Started guide in the above section.

Python Logo Programming in Python
See our Video “Write Your First Program in Python”
Python Library & Documentation
scratch_programming Programming in Scratch:
See our Video “Write Your First GrovePi Program in Scratch

GrovePi With Scratch Software

Programming in Java
GrovePi and Java with Netbeans and Maven


For more information check the links below:


Here are some of the fun projects that you can build with the GrovePi:

Home Weather Station
GrovePi Weather Station

Blink LED
Blinking LED with Grove Pi

Fade LED
LED Fade Example

Sensor Twitter Feed

Twitter Feed Sensor

Tilt Buzzer

Tilt Buzzer GrovePi

Who’s at the Door

Motion Sensor


Dog Watering & Spy System

IT Alarm Clock

Technical Information and Troubleshooting

Port Description

Software Architecture





Grove Sensors for the Raspberry Pi: Officially supported and Tested

These Grove modules have been tested by Dexter Industries and the GrovePi community and have examples available to try them out in our Github repository

Grove - Button
Grove - LED Socket Kit
Grove - Switch(P)
Grove - Light Sensor
Grove - Line Finder
Grove - Buzzer
Grove - Relay
Grove - Rotary Angle Sensor
Grove - Temperature Sensor
Grove - Sound Sensor
Grove - Vibration Motor
Grove - Ultrasonic Ranger
Grove - PIR Motion Sensor
Grove - OLED Display 96*96
Grove - Magnetic Switch
Grove - Touch Sensor
Grove - RTC
Grove - Thumb Joystick
Grove - 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer(±1.5g)
Grove - Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Grove - Temperature and Humidity Sensor Pro
Grove - Alcohol Sensor
2Coil Latching Relay.jpg
Grove – Collision Sensor photo.jpg
 Grove – Temperature and Humidity Sensor Pro
DryReed Relay.jpg
Twig - Gas Sensor(MQ5).jpg
HCHO Sensor 01.jpg
Grove - OLED Display 96*96
Mosfet 01.jpg
Axis Analog Gyro.jpg
Grove Solid State Relay 01.jpg
SPDT Relay(30A).jpg
Water sensor.jpg
4-Digital Display.jpg
Twig - PSD Sensor.jpg
Axis compass.jpg
3-Axis Digital Accelerometer16g.jpg
Digital Light Sensor.jpg
LED Bar shining.gif
Twig - Moisture Sensor.jpg
grove nfc.jpg

Compatible Sensors
The Grove modules at Grove Wiki have not been tested but most of them are compatible with the GrovePi either by directly using the Python code or making changes to the firmware. (Check the Design page for more details)

Questions or a problem? Post it on the forums and we’ll help you out.


Technical questions about the GrovePi+? Post it on the forums and we’ll help you out!