Raspberry Pi Projects for the GrovePi.

Here we have a list of example projects that show just how easy it is to start a project with the Raspberry Pi.  These Raspberry Pi projects combine easy-to-use Grove sensors with the powerful Raspberry Pi.

LED Blink

This tutorial shows the simplest thing that you can do with the GrovePi: Blink a LED.


LED Fade

This project shows a simple example in which we connect the Grove Pi to a rotary angle sensor (a fancy name for a potentiometer).  The Raspberry Pi reads the analog value and changes the PWM to the LED which sets the LED’s intensity.  The LED is dimmed using the potentiometer.

LED Fade Example


Custom Minecraft Controller

In this project we’re going to show you how to build a custom Minecraft Controller.  With some parts, the Raspberry Pi, and the GrovePi+, we will make a custom controller that automates some tasks and makes it easier and faster to build, destroy, and fly in the game Minecraft.


Candy Counting Robot


Tilt Buzzer

In this project, we use a Grove Accelerometer and a Buzzer to tell whether the Accelerometer is tilted or not. We use a Grove switch to turn the entire circuit on and off. This is a simple example for the Raspberry Pi to demonstrate how to use multiple Grove Sensors with GrovePi  and Raspberry Pi in your Projects. All the parts used in this project are available in the GrovePi Starter Kit.

Home Weather Display

In this project, we use a Grove DHT (Digital Humidity and Temperature) sensor as a Raspberry Pi temperature sensor.  This project uses a Grove OLED display to show the temperature and humidity.  

Sensor Twitter Feed

In this project we tweet the temperature, light, and sound levels with our Raspberry Pi.  The data is taken by the GrovePi and pushed to our Twitter feed with the Raspberry Pi.

Who’s at the Door

In this project we use an Ultrasound Sensor to detect if anyone has entered the room.  We use a Raspberry Pi Camera to take a photo of the intruder, and the Raspberry Pi sends an e-mail to us. We added a few actuators like a status  LED, a relay (to control any electronic circuit . . . because we can), a power switch to turn the entire thing on and off, and a buzzer which makes a loud sound whenever someone comes in.



Open WiFi Finder

With this project, we will see how to detect if there’s a non-secure wifi around us. This is also handy when you travel and don’t have your usual places to connect to the Internet. You could be walking down the street until the GrovePi+ finds a coffee place or a restaurant that offers free WiFi. This is often referred to as ‘wardriving‘.



Rain Notifier in Action

Let your GrovePi+ warn you in the morning if there’s rain in the forecast

Rain Notifier

Let your umbrella stand do more than just stand there. Equip it to check the weather for you, and it will let you know whether you need to carry that umbrella with you that day or not. As you pass in front of it on your way out, it will alert you with a red light if it will rain later that day. Stop! Take that umbrella with you! Or don’t.



Holiday Wreath

In this project we string some holiday lights around a wreath and program it to turn on and off when it detects motion! We use the relay to control the power and turn the lights on and off, and a motion sensor to detect the activity. It’s a fun, simple, Python project, but does require some handling of wires with the relay, so we recommend doing with an adult.

Light and Motion Controlled Wreath

Light and Motion Controlled Wreath

Rain Notifier

Have you ever wanted a quick way to know if you need to take your umbrella with you today? Use GrovePi to build a rain notifier which will alert you with a red glowing LED if you need to remember your umbrella because it the forecast calls for rain, or a blue LED will glow if it’s going to be blue skies (well, maybe still cloudy, but no rain in the forecast). You won’t have to check your phone or watch — just look at the light on your way out the door!

Rain Notifier in Action


Wyliodrin is a flexible and fun programming platform for the Raspberry Pi.  You can choose to program with a range of languages, including Java, C++, Python, PHP, Arduino, Perl, and node.js.

To get started, see their tutorial on starting with the GrovePi!

Alarm Clock

Build your own alarm clock with the GrovePi!


Dog Watering & Spy System

Make sure your pet always has fresh water & watch them when you are away with the GrovePi system!