Playstation Controller


The Dexter Industries Playstation Dual Shock Controller Shield is a project we’ve developed to interface the PlayStation 2 style controller to the Arduino.  The shield allows you to connect any Playstation 2 device to the Arduino.

The best place to start for hardware is Bill Porter’s Playstation 2 Device Page.  This page gives a great overview of what’s going on between the Arduino and the Playstation 2 Controller.

Playstation 2 Shield for ArduinoPlaystation 2 Shield for ArduinoPlaystation 2 Controller for Arduino



We have a fork of the PS2x Arduino Library on our Github page.  The software comes with drivers and a full example for reading the PS2 device information.


Hardware Design

The full schematic and board design can be downloaded from our Github Repository for the Playstation Controller.

Succesfully Tested Devices

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