NXT-G Blocks for the NXTBee Beta Released

The NXTbee wireless sensor attached to Port 4 on the Lego Mindstorms NXT

A picture of The NXTBee for Lego Mindstorms NXT robotics systems

Today we’re releasing the NXT-G blocks for the NXTBee for LEGO MINDSTORMS!

We’ve been working for months to get this out.  Thanks to the dedicated work of Andrew Milluzzi, John Hanson, and a number of other really dedicated people, we’re ready to go.

The NXTBee is the first sensor for Lego Mindstorms to use the High Speed Port 4.  A few months back, Milluzzi Labs released the RS-485 Block that communicated between NXTs through Port 4.  Building on that, the team has finally chased the bugs out of a version for the NXTBee.

The Blocks for NXT-G for the NXTBee can be downloaded here.

These Blocks are in beta, and we’re asking users to post their experiences and any bugs that they find along the way through a website we’ve setup:


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