New Product: Arduino Playstation Controller Adapter

Playstation 2 Shield for Arduino

A few weeks back we showed you a few things that we were working on.  This included an Arduino Playstation Controller Adapter, an Arduino Shield for connecting your Playstation Dualshock Controller.  We are releasing it into the wild!

We originally planned to release this through, however, our Fundraiser was embarrassingly unsuccessful.  Nonetheless, we will carry on.  (BTW: A huge thanks to the one person who did support our campaign!).  We’re going to offer it through our website and through Amazon.

So with that introduction, we bring you the Arduino Playstation DualShock Shield:

Introducing the Arduino Playstation DualShock Shield, a shield for easily connecting your Playstation DualShock controller to your Arduino.

Dexter Industries Dualshock Shield for the Arduino slides over the ArduinoUNO, and Mega. This shield is a Playstation DualShock controller interface for the Arduino. Rather than splice up controller wires, destroy your controller, and guess which wire goes where, you simply slide this over your Arduino, plug in your controller, and you’ve got the awesome combination of a form-fitting controller and an open-source micro-controller. Software is easy with a ready-made library. Robot domination shouldn’t be too far behind.

Playstation Dual Shock Controller

Arduino and he DualShock



  1. Tony DeMattei July 2, 2014

    Are you shipping the Arduino Playstation DualShock Shield? If not when to expect to be able to ship it?

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