Fun to Build

Students will love building their own robot.

Step-by-step tutorial.

Easy to Connect

Connect with wifi, nothing to download or install.

Get Connected

Learn to Code

Learn to code through our intuitive built-in lessons.


“One of the best robotics kits you can buy, especially for teachers.”

-MagPi, Read the full review here.

Designed for Everyone

The GoPiGo is a complete kit to build your own robot car. GoPiGo works at the level you’re at — whether you are a parent looking for a smart, fun weekend project to do with your kid, a teacher looking for a way to increase engagement in your science course, or a grad student in need of a platform for your robotics research that requires mobility.

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GoPiGo Robots have moved!

GoPiGo Core


If you already have a Raspberry Pi, turn it into a robot with this kit!



This kit has everything you need to build a robot car and learn to code!


$159 + $20/month

A full robot kit + 12 sensors and a new Mission every month!

GoPiGo for Groups


This is a set of 5 GoPiGo Kits, great for groups of 10 or more!


“The GoPiGo is a great tool for introducing robotics to a classroom.”

-MagPi, Read the full review here.


We built a robot that can survive classroom bumps and falls with thick acrylic, stronger metal and a better assembly experience.  We added soft rubber wheels to give the robot precise movements and better traction on all surfaces.

More Sensors

Connect 5 Sensors (2 Analog/Digital, 2 I2C, 1 Serial), 2 Servos and a Camera! Program the two on-board LEDs in the front, as well as 2 multi-colored LEDs on the top!

Motor Control

Motors on the GoPiGo3 have built-in encoders, giving the robot precise and accurate motor control.  This robot drives straight every time.

Power Management

The GoPiGo3 is redesigned from the ground up to increase battery life, protect the motors, and give a better experience powering the GoPiGo3.



Our drag-and-drop language for beginners to learn how to control the GoPiGo and dozens of its sensors!

Step-by-step tutorial.


Enables more advanced students to use text-based coding to control the GoPiGo and dozens of sensors.

Step-by-step tutorial.


Free, built-in lessons intuitively help students learn the basics of programming and robotics.

Step-by-step tutorial.

Nothing to Install

DexterOS broadcasts a wifi signal that connects directly to your device. Simply access the software through a web browser — nothing to download or install, making it a great fit for beginners & classrooms!

Built-in Lessons

Dozens of built-in lessons make it easy to get started learning how to program your GoPiGo. There are lessons for sensors as well, which teach the basics of programming and using sensors.


The built-in lessons are in Bloxter, our new drag-and-drop language similar to Scratch (and based on Blockly, a language by Google). Bloxter makes it fun and simple to learn how to program, while also offering advanced features for those that want to go beyond the basics!

NEW – Remotely program robots with! The new allows anyone to code a GoPiGo. Just create a program and send it to someone who can run it on a GoPiGo. It’s easy to experiment with, the newest way to learn at home.


DexterOS also has a clean, simple Python programming area as well, using Jupyter Notebooks right out of the box. Sample programs are easily accessible, and a variety of libraries are already installed and ready to use!

NEW – Go even further with GoPiGo. Explore over 20 hours of free, intermediate Python activities for GoPiGo!

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Fast to Update

DexterOS has a new way to update the software and firmware. Just download a zip file on a USB drive and plug it into your robot, boot it up and let it run — and you are all set! Easy classroom option available as well to update multiple robots in a row.


Easy to Use

Battery power indicator, wifi connection indicator, and an easy way to rename your robot, all improve the overall usability and save time, especially in the classroom.

GoPiGo Mars Rover

“My class learns about space technology and space exploration, we thought it would be cool to turn the GoPiGo into a Mars Rover. It got the kids really interested and showed them how scientist would use robots in real life.”

– Lisa Rode

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GoPiGo at Hood College

“GoPiGo was the perfect robot kit for my 400 level Computer Science course to practice in open source programming environments, learn Python, and excite and engage students — it doesn’t feel like just a toy, and is about the same cost of a textbook.”

– Professor George Dimitoglou

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Google Cloud Vision API with GoPiGo

More advanced learners can do projects with the GoPiGo like Google did — and use API’s and other web-data to build your own smart car or empathy robot.

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“We used the GoPiGo with a group of 30 kids ages 8-13 and we could not have had a better time. The kids worked in groups to
build, program, and test their robots for an epic race at the end.
Definitely one of our most memorable and engaging events!”

– Frank Hunleth, Co-Champion CoderDojoDC

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Learn more about GoPiGo

Visit our GoPiGo Tutorials & Documentation page for step-by-step instructions, technical specs, detailed product pictures, and sample code libraries. Have a specific question? Contact us.