Arduberry Air Horn Project

Arduberry Unites the Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

Arduberry Unites the Raspberry Pi and Arduino.We recently launched a Kickstarter project called the Ardubery.  We wanted a simple way to celebrate each new Kickstarter Backer for our Arduberry project.  What better way than with an airhorn?

In this project we take an Arduberry and use it to blast an air horn with the Dukes of Hazard theme song whenever a new backer backed our project.  We thought it would be a fun way to show what you can do with the Arduberry and keep things lively around the office.

Want to see how easy it was?  Check out our website for complete plans.

And watch the video!

And if you want the warm glow from blasting an industrial sized airhorn, or backing a cool Kickstarter project, all you need to do is back the Arduberry project!


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