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Projects & curriculum developed by teachers. GoPiGo is being used to teach everything from coding to geography!

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GoPiGo in the Classroom

We’ve designed the GoPiGo robot car for the classroom. It’s easy to set up, use and manage in the classroom so you can engage all of your students in every subject.

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Equipping Educators

We believe that great educators are the key to a successful future. We seek to equip you with the best teaching tools and resources — to make learning about technology more accessible for everyone. DexterEd aims to make it easy for you to select, test, buy, and teach.

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Advanced Learners

Check out what Google’s Cloud Vision API team did with the GoPiGo — turning it into a smart robot that can detect objects and emotions.

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dexter-ed-2.0 copy   Classroom Kits

Classroom kits are sets of five (5) starter kits, which include everything you need to get started from scratch. If you already have a Raspberry Pi, power adapters, and ethernet cables, you’ll want to look at the base kit for each robot.

Projects, Lessons & Curriculum

We’ve build several basic, free projects that you can find in the Project section of our website. But, we’re also building more robust lessons and curriculum to make it easier to get started in a classroom, camp or workshop setting.

GoPiGo Projects

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Mars Rover

5 lessons about space exploration, using a GoPiGo Mars Rover!

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Turn GoPiGo into a cold-blooded animal and program it to react to light & heat.

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Students will learn to calulcate and describe circumference in a real world setting.

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Students will investigate different types of energy & the flow of energy by learning about how the GoPiGo works.

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Robot Art

Students program a robot to draw a picture or write a message.

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GrovePi Projects

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Long term investigation, measuring and monitoring plant growth with light sensors, camera, moisture sensors & more.

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By building their own weather station students will learn how technology can assist with the prediction of weather.

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Perfect curriculum for middle school students – great to use in maker spaces or technology classes. See the standards it covers.

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Morse Code

Project set for teaching morse code with the GrovePi.

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Practice multiplication through programming LEDs.

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Webinar: Integrating Robotics in Content Areas

Have you ever seen an activity using robotics and thought, “That would be great, but I don’t have enough TIME?” Do you want to incorporate robotics or programming, but you do not have much experience yourself?

In this webinar, Lisa Rode, sixth grade classroom teacher at Kings Glen Elementary in Fairfax County, VA, presents how to include robotics and programming in your school.

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In the Classroom


GoPiGo Mars Rover

“My class learns about space technology and space exploration, we thought it would be cool to turn the GoPiGo into a Mars Rover. It got the kids really interested and showed them how scientist would use robots in real life.”

– Lisa Rode

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GoPiGo at Hood College

“GoPiGo was the perfect robot kit for my 400 level Computer Science course to practice in open source programming environments, learn Python, and excite and engage students — it doesn’t feel like just a toy, and is about the same cost of a textbook.”

– Professor George Dimitoglou

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BrickPi at University of Tulsa

“I offered BrickPi as an option for students in my robotics elective course, and it was a great platform that allows us to plug and play with LEGO MINDSTORMS sensors and motors, but also connect to the web and work through wi-fi.”

– Professor Jussaume

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