Updated Scratch for the BrickPi (and other Graphical Programming Languages!)

Scratch for the Raspberry Pi Robot

The Scratch Cat is easier to get dancing!

We’ve just updated our instructions and improved Scratch for the BrickPi.  It’s now simpler than ever to get started making and programming a Scratch Raspberry Pi Robot!

What’s Changed with Scratch?


This summer, we devoted a bit of effort to updating the the BrickPi software.  It’s now easier to install, and easier to program with.  We fixed quite a few things:

  • Start the background program once, and forget about it.
  • We’ve added a shortcut to the Pi Desktop.  Click once and forget about it.


Where do I start?  A Scratch Raspberry Pi Robot.


First, you’ll want to get the latest Raspbian Image.  It works on both the Raspberry Pi Model B and B+ and can be downloaded for free from our sourceforge site.

Next, take a look at our Scratch Getting Started page.  We’ve totally redesigned it.

What other options do I have?


If you want to program your Raspberry Pi robot in a graphical language, you have other options.



These folks have put together a fantastic package for programming Raspberry Pi Robots.

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BlockyTalky for the BrickPi and Raspberry PiBlockyTalky

The enthusiastic team at BlockyTalky continue to develop a graphical programming language for the BrickPi.  This team is putting some awesome projects together, with a fun focus on music.


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