Underwater Robot with the NXTBee

Brane wrote us with a project he did for his engineering coursework that uses our NXTBee XBee Radio for LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT:

I just though that I should mention that I have used a pair of your nxtBee modules for a final year engineering project where I built an underwater vehicle using a lego mindstorms kit.

I use a pair of 900mhz Xbee pro‘s to achieve real-time underwater communications.The vehicle is controlled using an xbox 360 controller connected to a laptop. A software controller can also be implemented.

I use the nxtbee’s to relay the controller commands and receive telemetry data from attached gyroscopes and accelerometers.


  1. Christopher Ponce March 16, 2013

    hi my name is christopher, i am high school student.

    ive been working on an underwater robot but am having trouble programming. i was wondering if you could help me program. i bought 2 xbees but i dont know how to get them to communicate. i also want to add a logitec controller in the program.

    please get back to me, i could really use some help. i have competition april 12.

    thank you

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