Solar Powered LEGO Robot Workshops Are a Hit with Students and Teachers

Recently Dexter Industries teamed up with the University of Arizona to bring solar powered robots to engineering teaching.  Students are getting hands-on learning experience in solar engineering using the dSolar to power their LEGO MINDSTORMS robots.

A teaching concept that lets students power up Lego robots by retrofitting them with mini solar panels is making its way out of the development stage as an effective hands-on robotics workshop with an alternative energy twist.

“Bringing the Lego robots to life using solar power is lending yet another cool aspect to the Legos, which are already great at generating interest in robotics and computer applications for students with a wide variety of backgrounds and interests,” said Jane Hunter, associate director of the engineering management program at the University of Arizona and solar robots program coordinator.

The new student workshops are using solar-powered Lego robots not only for developing early interest in robotics, they’re building new interest in solar energy and the engineering challenges surrounding solar as a reliable, consistent energy source, Hunter said.

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