• A Raspberry Pi Rubiks Cube Solving Robot

    BricKuber Project – A Raspberry Pi Rubiks Cube Solving Robot

    The BricKuber is an open source Rubik’s cube solving robot you can build yourself. NOTE: This project depends on outside libraries that require updates. We wanted to build a Rubiks cube solving robot with the Raspberry Pi. Rather than go for speed, we went with simplicity: if you have a Raspberry Pi, a BrickPi kit, and a standard LEGO...

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  • giftbot- the raspberry pi robot that delivers Christmas Gifts.

    GiftBot: A Raspberry Pi Robot That Delivers Christmas Gifts

    A Raspberry Pi Robot That Delivers Christmas Gifts In this project, we’ll show you GiftBot, the Raspberry Pi Robot that will deliver your Christmas Gifts and bring cheer to your holiday season.  We took the GoPiGo Raspberry Pi Robot, added some Jingle Bell Rock with the Raspberry Pi Speaker, and harnessed the power of three reindeer to deliver our...

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    Alexabot: Amazon Alexa Controlled Robot With the Raspberry Pi

    NOTE: This tutorial is outdated. Please refer to Alexa Voice Service  SDK  In this tutorial we build Alexabot, the Amazon Alexa Controlled Robot, using the Raspberry Pi.  We will walk you through the steps of building a voice controlled robot with the Raspberry Pi and GoPiGo.  With Alexabot, you can command the Raspberry Pi Robot around with commands like “Alexa...

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    EmpathyBot: The Raspberry Pi Robot That Reads Emotions

    In this project we built emotional intelligence into our robot: a robot that reads emotions.  We call it EmpathyBot! We developed a Raspberry Pi Robot with the GoPiGo that will drive up to you, read your emotions, and then try to have a conversation with you based on how you’re feeling.  We will show you how you can build your own...

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    Candy Counting Robot with the Raspberry Pi

    In this project, we took the tried-and-true robot costume and gave it some life with the Raspberry Pi, GrovePi, and a handful of Grove sensors.  The costume is a standard robot costume, but with a candy-counting machine attached that talks! When a piece of candy is placed in the robot, it flashes its LEDs, thanks the candy donor for...

  • minecraft-controller-custom-with-grovepi-and-raspberry-pi

    Build a Custom Minecraft Controller

    Build a Custom Minecraft Controller With the GrovePi What You’ll Need For This Project Raspberry Pi (and accessories) SD Card Raspberry Pi Power Supply Wifi Dongle GrovePi+ Board (3) Grove Buttons Grove Joystick Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Or you could all this by getting the Starter Kit or, if you already have a Raspberry Pi, you could get the Base Kit.  In...

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