NXTBee Redesign

NXTBee Sensor for Mindstorms NXT UpdatedSecond iterations are always the best.  We’ve redesigned the NXTBee to be a little more user-friendly and robust.  Below are some pictures.

Most notably, we’ve changed what were previously pinouts to a simple switch.  The orientation of the power switch to go between the NXTBee and the NXTBee PRO is still the same.

Also note the new XBee version: for the regular NXTBee, we’ll be shipping radios with the chip antennae.  The performance is very similar, but the chips are less vulnerable to being bent or snapped off.

We made the LED’s a little bit bigger and more robust and we’ve changed the color to blue.


  1. George Boyce June 29, 2011

    When is version 2 available for purchase?

    • Administrator June 29, 2011

      The latest version is currently being shipped. We’re about to update some of the pictures on the website, that’s all!

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