Mission Ten

Mission Ten


DI update is required for the infrared receiver and remote controller to work! Please follow the steps below in the first video to run the update and get the new software you need! This can take up to 45 minutes.


Here are all the links that are referenced in your Mission booklet! You can work through the links below with full step-by-step instructions and videos, but be sure to follow along with the written instructions and pictures in your Mission booklet. Online instructions will be the most updated, so if you see a difference, rely on the website!

GoBox is a subscription-based program, so many of the videos are only accessible if you have the GoBox subscription.

Connect to the GoPiGo

Connect to the GoPiGo2 & Setup Wifi

run the update

Run the Software Update

Smart Car Set up

Smart Car Part 1

Smart Car Part 2

Smart Car Part 3


We’ll keep this area up to date with troubleshooting tips and updates.

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Smart Car In Action