dSwitch For LEGO MINDSTORMS Giveaway

Free dSwitch Facebook Giveaway

To help announce our re-introduction of the dSwitch, we’re going give away a free one this week.  Wait, what’s the dSwitch?  The dSwitch is a controller designed to be used with LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT hardware and software.   The dSwitch controls any appliance in your house, such as a light, a toaster, or anything else you can plug into a household socket.  The device acts as a switch, allowing your NXT inventions to turn off and on any appliance in the house! 

Getting a chance to win a dSwitch is pretty simple:

  • Go to our Facebook Page.
  • “Like” Dexter Industries.
  • Suggest an appliance you’d like to turn on and off with the dSwitch and post it under any of the pictures in the dSwitch album on Facebook.  You can explain why you’d like to turn it on and off and how you’d use the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT.  Or not.
  • The appliance must be controllable by the dSwitch:  110V and less than 15 Amps draw (no water heaters thanks!).  Check out the wiki if you’re unsure.

We’ll decide the winner on Friday and announce here on the blog on Monday.  We will take the names of everyone who put an idea up, throw their names into a random picker, and contact you over the weekend.

Creativity is great, but please keep the ideas clean!

If you can’t think of an idea, hate Facebook, or can’t wait a week to see if you won one, you can always buy the dSwitch on our website!


  1. Would you ever consider doing a 240 volt version? I could use this with a wifi sensor to turn the garage on (which will be turning in to the Lego Office)! Or I could remotely turn the Kettle on before I get out of bed. Now that would rock

    • Dexter Industries June 20, 2012

      It’s in the works. It may be a while though. We used to offer one, but they were very time-consuming to make. We’re looking for a better way.

  2. Michael June 19, 2012

    I really want to enter but I don’t own a facebook page, is there any other way to enter?

    • Dexter Industries June 20, 2012

      Hey Michael,
      Unfortunately no, not this time around. But we’ll be doing more of these sorts of things in the future; and we won’t be using Facebook on everyone of them.

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