dCompass Ideas, Giveaway

Guy NXT door has just announced a dCompass giveaway on his website.  Learn about it here.

His latest post is a brainstorm of ideas for what the dCompass can be used for.  At the heart of the sensor is a magnetic field detector (the dCompass finds north by finding magnetic north).  And magnetic field detectors can be used for a lot more than navigation.

I won’t give away all of his ideas, you should check out his post for the full list.  But here’s just a few . . .

  • make a traffic counter that counts the number of vehicles that pass by. You might even be able to deduce the kind of vehicle from the field strength as well as its direction.
  • make an magnetic key with a motorized lock that only opens when the right field strength is measured.
  • . . . .

Great post! Be sure to visit Aswin’s website and register for the contest to win a free dCompass.

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  1. Mohamad Dyab March 5, 2012

    Well a great Idea is to use the compass with a dGPS , and that what I’m doing except I’m using the Hitechical Compass which is really hard to use , big error and sometimes just go random , so as my previous expertise with Dexter industries product I would say this would really fits the boat I’m trying to make it autonomous.

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