Quadrotor, LEGO, and Arduino

Quadrotor Test Rig

Today, we’re just working on some far out projects.  One thing we’ve wanted to work on for a long time is a quadrotor.  Naturally, we made some mistakes, and were only able to get two rotors working.  But here’s a video of the first test-flight.

I consider this a success: the rig actually lifted halfway off the ground, with only two motors.  Because it’s made of LEGO parts, it is pretty heavy.  But for a test rig, it worked really well.

The motors are controlled with an Arduino, which control the four different Electronic Speed Controls.

This story is not over . . .

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I came across a FLYING Mindstorms Helicopter! on mindstorms.lego.com today which looks genuine….

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