BrickPi and BlockyTalky

Blocky Talky Raspberry Pi and BrickPi

The Blocky Talky is a BrickPi Raspberry Pi language.The folks at Tufts CEEO have been working with a BrickPi over the past few weeks.  They have been working to bring the graphical programming language BlockyTalky to the BrickPi and Raspberry Pi.

Wait, what’s the BrickPi?  The BrickPi is a device that brings the Raspberry Pi to LEGO Mindstorms.


BlockyTalky Screenshot for Programming the Raspberry Pi

You can read a little more about BlockyTalky here, on their development site.  The project brings the Raspberry Pi, BrickPi together using their graphical programming language.  A screenshot to the right shows the language is turning out to look a lot like Scratch, but web-based.

BrickPi and BlockyTalky phone controlYou can watch their full demonstration video above.  They have a beautiful line-follower that runs incredibly smoothly, and finally a remote controlled robot that they control with the gyroscope of a cell phone or laptop.


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